Conference hotels in Kassel

Kassel is not only simply a large city in Hesse, but also a city with a lot of historical background. But more about that later. The conference hotels in Kassel are best prepared to host business events such as seminars, meetings, presentations or conferences. Many qualified conference hotels of different chains are spread over the whole city area. We will find the right offer for you in every price class. Depending on budget, category and equipment.

Conference hotels in Kassel and what else the city has to offer

First mention of the town can be traced back to the year 913. During the construction of a building in 2008, objects were even recovered which suggest that there were already pre-Christian settlements in Kassel. However, the city is not only rich in history, but also in sights! Even though many historic buildings were destroyed in the 2nd World War, there is still a lot to see. For example the Brüderkirche and the Druselturm. Another monument worth seeing is the monument to Landgrave Karl – it has been standing on the spot since 1686! Kassel can also be used for excursions into the countryside, for which there are two parks in the city. The Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe and the Karlsaue.

Culture in Kassel – the Grimm city

Culture is also not neglected in the Hessian city. There are numerous museums, exhibitions and theatres. A highlight is the GRIMMWELT, which deals with the Brothers Grimm. The two had their most productive time in Kassel. Therefore the city has now dedicated a very interesting exhibition to the brothers, which is absolutely worth seeing for every fairy tale lover (of any age).

By the way, Kassel has about 200,000 inhabitants and an area of 106.78 square kilometres.

So if you are planning a conference or a longer meeting in Kassel – the participants don’t have to spend their time in a conference or meeting hotel, there are a lot of interesting things to explore in Kassel. Whether you want to marvel at the architecture while walking, visit museums or simply enjoy a relaxing time in one of the parks.

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Fringe programmes in Kassel

From regular team-building sessions, summer parties, Christmas celebrations and and and. The options are endless! We would be happy to help you put together a supporting programme in Kassel. Either as a supplement to your seminar, conference or incentive trip or as a successful staff event.

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