Supporting programme in Kassel – Culinary Tram Tour

Work is important and work that is well done is even more important. But how can you ensure that employees really do a good job and that you can rely on them completely? Not as complicated as it sounds! Just say THANK YOU and surprise your team with a supporting programme in Kassel, a culinary tram tour through the city. There are two counters in the decorated tram. While you and your team are being spoiled with culinary delights, you will get to know the city of Kassel. A live artist can also be organised on request.

Supporting programme in Kassel – Team event on wheels

Give your employees a reason that makes them want to work. You can achieve this by creating loyalty and a team spirit. This can be achieved through events such as company parties, celebrating success, team building or simply regular team events. This way everyone in the team feels as if they are contributing something that is incredibly motivating! Working atmosphere is also very important and can be improved and created by joint team events.

It is worth investing in such team events – your employees will certainly thank you for it!

Fringe programmes in Kassel

From regular team-building sessions, summer parties, Christmas celebrations and and and. The options are endless! We would be happy to help you put together a supporting programme in Kassel. Either as a supplement to your seminar, conference or incentive trip or as a successful staff event.

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